Our Philosophy:

Family Medicine is a medical specialty requiring additional training derived from the concept that health occurs in the context of family life and community.  There is no aspect of your well being -- be it physical, mental, or spiritual -- that is not affected by every other aspect of your life experience.  For this reason we take the time to get to know you and your family members and strive to make recommendations for your health and satisfaction that respect your core values and needs.  

Physician Assistants:

Physician Assistants are educated in the medical model and are trained to complement Physicians’ care as a member of the Physician led medical team.

Practicing Physician Assistants are certified by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) and are state-licensed.

A Certified Physician Assistant (PA-C) functions under the supervision and responsibility of a licensed Medical Doctor (MD) and is educated to:

    •    elicit a comprehensive health history

    •    perform physical examinations

    •    interpret and evaluate diagnostic data 

    •    establish basic treatment plans

    •    counsel and educate patients

    •    perform certain procedures

    •    respond to commonly encountered emergency care situations. 

At Security Family Medicine most patients will see both Dr. Johnson and her Physician Assistants.  You will be able to choose who you would like to see primarily. Dr Johnson and her PAs will approach your medical care and decision making as a team.  

For further information regarding Physician Assistants and their roles please visit:  https://www.aapa.org/what-is-a-pa/